Jon Kurtis

🧑‍🚀 Hello there Friend!

I am Jon Kurtis and I am a developer/marketing manager based in Orlando, FL. I went to UCF to get my BS in Marketing. Then I taught myself to code at the University of YouTube and Wes Bos courses.

My thoughts on education:

Teaching myself to code > My BS in Marketing from UCF (Go Knights 😅)

My favorite tech stack atm is:

I am currently building Grail Writer a GPT powered AI Article Generator. It allows you to generate unlimited SEO Optimized blog posts for a target keyword.

I am building a community for programmatic SEO website builders at

Recently, I am buidling a Legal Dictionary site called Lawfred. I am startig off with legal definitions. But the grand plan is to create a legal AI chatbot SaaS.

At my day job, I am a Digital Marketing manager in the automotive industry.

Mostly I work with Automotive websites, news/media websites and building internal tools to automate marketing tasks. I also manage a lot of ad spend and a team of marketers.